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CYBER-sec consulting firm offers a comprehensive range of cyber security related services to help organizations and individuals protect their valuable assets.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

Doing business online has always been a risk. Itís a world of traps, with vulnerabilities and threats placed themselves in the least expected places, at the least expected time. Every organization today has different vulnerabilities which are not been noticed at times. These loopholes are the targets of the black hat hackers. So itís our responsibility to take initiatives to keep our self secured. CYBER-sec provides the best assessment as we have professionals who has experience of several years in the field of IT security. CYBER-sec does both white box and black box testing on the computer or the computer systems for any potential vulnerability.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Today one of the main causes for cyber espionage to happen is a vulnerable website which is open to all and can be accessed by any one. Most of the companies are not much concerned about their website security which may be containing very sensitive information or they are not aware of what happens when a website is hacked. Vulnerable websites allow an attacker to inject any malware or unwanted malicious file in a network or individualís computer. CYBER-sec has reported, traced the origin of web attacks and helped in fixing vulnerabilities of top MNCís websites. We are expertise in finding and fixing major vulnerabilities like sql injection, cross site scripting, local file inclusion, remote file inclusion and etc. CYBER-sec can test these applications using either zero-knowledge testing or full-access testing to examine the full range of potential vulnerabilities.

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless networks, while highly convenient, present additional security threats since the wireless signals are not limited by the physical boundaries of a traditional network. CYBER-sec evaluates how to prevent wireless communications from being exposed to eavesdropping and access by unauthorized intruders. Additionally, CYBER-sec examines the corporate infrastructure for unencrypted or standard WEP enabled access points that may be vulnerable in order to ensure the security of the network.

Social Engineering Assessments

Social engineering involves manipulating or misleading company employees and other human resources to gain unauthorized access to a network or to confidential information. Even though if a corporate has a secured infrastructure it can be compromised very easily by social engineering. CYBER-sec provides training and services to identify weak links in the security chain through exploitation of human vulnerabilities.

Countering Cyber Espionage

Today in this Cyber world every sensitive data is stored or shared through a cloud or a computer or a server so it makes very easy for the Cyber espionage rivals to sniff the sensitive information of a organization or an individual which helps cyber criminal to move one step ahead by not revelling their physical identity as in corporate espionage. This result in increase of Cyber Espionage. Countering Cyber Espionage requires a much more elaborate approach to data security. The result of espionage is information that has value to the attacker. CYBER-sec provides service on countering cyber espionage which stops opponent, enemy intelligence, and criminal organization from gathering and collecting sensitive digital information or intelligence about them through computer, networks and associated equipment. CYBER-sec is providing consultation both government agencies and core private sector Organization against cyber espionage.

CYBER security consultation

The weakest link in information security is the mankind. A Companyís valuable data will process to be at danger unless its workers/employees, management, and contractors realize the business security requirements, their role, and the essential to secure corporate valuables. CYBER-sec strongly trusts that frequent training and awareness are necessary element to an effective secured Organization. We set up security assistance that reinforces business goals and objectives.

Hire a part time Hacker

It is always best to hire a hacker than purchasing security related software and devices. Since hackers are dexterous on analysing the latest security threats and vulnerabilities than any kind of technical experts, CYBER-sec provides hackers intelligence to secure your organization. We provide monthly assessment on every individual or a network to detect and solve the issues so that the organization is free to move with their business objectives. CYBER-sec ensures sufficient security protocols and process exist to do forensic in case of incident. This includes certain constraints and procedures to be written. If your organisation is already part of other standards like ISO standards, these will be implemented without disturbing existing process in place. We procure defensive services and also offensive services (on demand) with legal permissions. We provide 24 X 7 consulting in case of emergency to the concerned organization.

CYBER Forensics & Investigations

The accuracy and reliability of sensitive information in an organization can be secured by extracting information and data from computer storage media. Computer crime represents one of the fastest crime rates in the country and the necessity of cyber forensic is increasing. CYBER-sec service decides to trace the origin of this breach. After proper analysis the source of that breach will be detected.