CYBER-sec consulting firm offers a comprehensive range of cyber security related services to help organizations and individuals protect their valuable assets.

Who are we ?


CYBER-sec is a cyber security based company with comprehensive services and focus on researching new trends in IT. Our team always quenches in innovative security protocols. CYBER-sec team is always updated with cutting-edge technology; you can always find support to help your organization and to find the best security services. Our R&D will monitor every detail of your requirement, with highest accuracy and confidentiality. CYBER-sec is trusted by most of the private and government organizations. Leading organizations turn to us to uncover their threats that will lead the organization today and the future in a secured way. We always maintain CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) in each and every aspect of our services. Our team is comprised with several years of experience in the domain of various industries and R&D related to cyber security. Our team has wide and on hands experience in the field of Ethical Hacking, penetration testing, Cyber Crime Investigation & Forensics. Every services provided by CYBER-sec will be handled with systematic approach so that we provide accurate results.

About Founder

Munish Kumar G, Founder of CYBER-Sec has experience of 9 years in the field of Cyber Security and Hacking. He is a researcher on Offensive Security; in addition to it, hes expertise in Malware Development, Exploit Development, Deployment Techniques, Detecting Web Application Vulnerabilities & Exploits, Reverse Engineering Techniques, Cyber Forensics and Penetration Testing. He offers Consultation and Services to several Corporate, Government Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcement and Cyber Crime Departments. He abides to enlighten and implement new cyber security protocols and applications in the cyber world. Moreover, he has received commendation from Mr Shankaran, Former IAS for his contribution to the Govt on Cyber Security Matters. Furthermore, he provides social awareness on latest threats faced by General Public, as he strongly believes that it is his moral duty to provide such assistance to create a Secured Cyber World. He is also a guest speaker on various aspects of Cyber Security for several organizations.